Wednesday, July 1, 2015

There is a bandwagon going around, that is falsely titled "LOVE"- and I'm not hopping on it.

 I won't accept that I am a person of "hate" because I choose to stand for Gods Eternal Plan, and I won't fall for the whole #LoveWins hashtag thing, that implies that I am the Devils side? (--- uh, hello if that isn’t backwards?) ...  If I’ve ever seen mans philosophy mingled with some scripture, (*ding, ding, ding) it surely is now.... and well, to be honest I won’t even debate with those who really think that “Love vs. Hate” is what this whole marriage ruling thing is about. For me, this isn’t about “Love vs. Hate" at all. (I mean seriously, would anyone really be foolish enough to engage in a debate about "LOVE" vs."HATE"? ) 
For me, this is about two things: 

1. A Governments ruling that effects society
2. Gods will vs. Mans will

While there is plenty of social, and scientific evidence to support why I feel so strongly that this new marriage ruling thing is a poor decision on the government’s part, I won't share it.  I'll spare y’all those reasons (because frankly, there’s enough information out there on those aspects of the ruling).  Aaaaaand at the end of the day, for ME, the scientific and social matters are the lesser (if that’s a word) of reasons, as to why I chose, and choose to share my stand on the Supreme Courts ruling for Gay Marriage.

 For ME, and again I state "FOR ME" this is about
 MY relationship with God.

Initially when the ruling took place, I didn’t want to get involved.  I didn’t want to be attacked, and I didn’t want to deal with all the drama that inherently comes with the topic.... Buuuuut after enough (and I mean ENOUGH lol) rainbow facebook swipes, and #LOVEWINS hashtags I felt very strongly that I needed to say something.  ( ..which P.S. I def have to give y’all on the other side some credit for that- #HELLO talk about  an #INTERNETTAKEOVER - there was no denying that y’all were happy! gawh!! lolol ) – But anyway, back to what I was saying... I really felt strongly that I needed to say something... and here is why...

 I couldn’t escape what kept coming to my mind.  I tried to fall asleep that night of the ruling, and I just couldn’t... (and lets just say, it wasn't because I am currently NINE. UNCOMFORTABLE. MONTHS.. #thatsanotherpost ... but man, I just tossed and turned, and tossed and turned, ..... and it was because what kept coming to my mind was this:

"... but Heather you KNEW ME .... You had such a strong testimony of ME...You understood my ETERNAL plan... and you sat, and you watched and you said nothing at all ....”

And I just couldn’t shake that thought. I couldn’t imagine the Lord saying that to me. I felt as though, if I said nothing at all, that I would be denying him. And so, the next morning I woke up and decided that I should say (or in facebook terms “share”) something.

Now don’t get me wrong, that is what I FELT. And I emphasize the “I”, because I
don’t want to imply that everyone should, will, or needs to feel that way. But for ME in MY heart that is what spoke to me.  And so... I posted what I supported. Which is traditional Marriage between a Man and  Women.  I changed my profile picture to a “Traditional” (and might I add *ethnic lol) wedding cake topper

( which was hard  to find BTW) and I took the heat of a few (not so bad) debates... (p.s. "Thank You" to all of y'all that respectfully shared your opinions and comments) 

You see, FOR ME, talking about this subject, and stating what I believe, is MY way of showing my Heavenly Father that I will STAND for him.  It's NOT because I think that I am better than any gay person. It's NOT because I think that my love is any stronger than any lesbian woman. And it’s definitely NOT  because I think that I am sooooo righteous that I “deserve” marriage!  (Hello, half the time I can’t even get to church on time #DefinitelyNotThatRighteous.)    

 I shared my stand because my Heavenly Father has done too much for me. I shared my stand, because I want the world, my children, and my Heavenly Father, to KNOW that I will stand for HIM.  I shared my stand, because I refuse to “sit on the fence” and watch the world tell my Heavenly Father that HIS Eternal Plan isn’t good enough....That is what this debate is about for me. It's about standing up for HIM. It's about showing my family, that we are unwavering in our beliefs. And ultimately it's about so, so, sooooooo much more than a cliche (pretty catchy) hashtag ..... So I don't know... I don't know where that leaves me? Maybe that makes me a “hater”. Maybe that makes me and outcast? Maybe I lost a few of my " friends" for my opinion?- I don’t know? But to be honest, at the end of the day, if that labels me a ”hater” in this everchanging, "un-defined" world that we are living in today ...
 well.. then..
      - I’m okay with that.


LOVE (lol) 

Click on the Link Below to see more about what we believe! :

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Summer Kimono goes Fall

Girls Night! This was the look I decided to go with. Inspired by Cara Loren. And P.S. That
 "Kimono" I'm wearing may or may not be a thrifted pajama cover. Ha Ha! Shhhhhh.

Bllouse: Sears
Purse: Thrifted
Necklace: Thrifted
Jeans: GAP Highwaisted 1969
Shoes: Zara
Kimono: Thrifted ( In the Pajama Section)

Here are a few Kimono Styling Ideas that I LOVE:
First is from 
Cara Loren: 
She is an awesome Style Blogger. And pretty much has all Modest Clothing 

And Second, is from a new Style Blogger: 
Emme Mangum
I predict shell be the next biggest modest Blogger :) She has some great taste!

Aaaaand a random Pintrest Person as well! I think this look is totally practicle! 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Patchin

Soooo we went to a pumpkin patch waaaaaaaaaaay up north ... in like Virgina or something?! Okay maybe not Virgina, but it was pretty far. It was a great family day, and of course we had to take some pictures!

#Selftimer #Noshame

This was the look I decided to go with. I kindof threw it together last minute, but it was a fun outfit to wear! I was totally inspired by Nicole Richie on pintrest, and thought I'd take a try at the head band thing. What do yall think?! 

Heres a few more fun headwraps as well:


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Plaid, Plaid, Plaid

Shhhheeesh! It has been a while since I have posted. I've  decided that my main focus  moving foward will be pictures... (not writing)! Hopefully that will allow me to post more? We shall see?.. Anyway, thanks to anyone who is actually still looking at my page! ha ha! Im going to do my best to keep up with it! 
Love yall!
- HP

Heres todays #OOTD

Winter calls for PLAID, and Ive got plenty of it! Here are a few looks from last week!

Shirt: Target
Jeans: Target
Jacket: Vintage
Shoes: Zara

Blouse: Nordsrom
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Old Navy
Cardigan: Thrifted

Here are a few more of my favorite Plaid looks from Pinterest!

(See all of them listed in my "Clothing" section on Pinterest)

And because I was so inspired by the whole plaid thing, it only made sense that I would post a few plaid items in the shop! Click on the link for purchasing!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Beautiful Weeds

Dedicated to my Father. I hope y'all enjoy this piece!

Beautiful Weeds
            From the tattered windows of my Father’s 1996 cherry red Toyota car, I can vividly remember as a young girl gazing out onto infinite fields of ugly weeds. It was typical for my father and I to be out driving on an endless desert road going to nowhere, because that’s what we did. We did road trips. And in that cubicle of a car, that they call a Toyota, I spent a great deal of time thinking about those fields of ugly weeds. On one specific car ride with my Father, I can remember turning to him and asking, “Dad, if someone said that they would shoot you, unless you pulled out all of those weeds out there, what would you do?”  In my concerned ten year old brain, nothing in life was worse than pulling dirty old weeds. Saturday morning chore experience had proved that. So to be faced with death or weeds was quite the complex question to be asked. And of course, underneath a somewhat diminutive chuckle my father replied, “Well, I guess I would start pullin’...”
            Without delay, I chuckled, and so did he, and on we went driving through miles and miles of hideous weeds. I guess you could say that ever since that day, I’ve looked at weed pullin’ a little differently. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all? My Dad didn’t think it was, and because my Dad knew everything, I figured that at least weed pullin’ was better than death. Why I didn’t already know the answer to that silly question is still beyond me. All I know is that, in that ten year old world of mine, the answer that my Dad gave to me that day, was the answer that I needed.
            At one point, it was a tacky mint green striped minivan that we drove. It had mint green curtains, and mint green carpet, and mint green seat cushions, and well... mint green everything. It took us to pow-wows, and swap meets. It took us to beaches, and to parks. I guess you could say it took us anywhere that a mint green van could go. And inside that four wheeling palace of mint, many of my fondest childhood memories took place.
            On one occasion, while driving in that van, I can recall being sprawled out across the backseat of the car. Being the brat that I was, I demanded my “space”, or whatever that meant, on our longer road trips. And I can remember while late in the night, or should I say early in the morning, watching from within that sardine packed “space” of mine, my father. Through that maze of mint green curtains, and mint green cushions, and mint green everything, I began to notice something that I had never before noticed on a road trip with my father. Not only was Queens Greatest Hits growing louder and louder through that mint green cassette player of ours, but my father was simultaneously growing tired. 
            Maybe it was a swerve or two that gave his weariness away, or maybe it was the countless amounts of empty coke cans that covered the floor? I’m not quite sure? Alls’ I can I remember, was that in the seventeen hours that we had been out on the road, we hadn’t made many stops. And although I knew that our game called “drive- as- long- as- you- can –drive- without- stopping,” was pretty fun, to my dad at least, I also began to recognise that my dad’s driving was becoming somewhat doubtful. He was tired.
             Despite my diva-ness, and need for “space” in the backseat of that hideous van of ours, I somehow found it in my heart to crawl over all thirty of our one dollar value whopper meals, crappy luggage and junk, and take the front passenger’s seat next to my Dad. “Hey Dad,” I said “want me to help you stay up?” he smiled, and so did I. And then we did what we always did on those tortuously long road trips of ours. We talked.
            We talked, and we talked until we couldn’t talk anymore. About what, I’m not sure? I just know that we loved to talk. That’s what we did on road trips. And on the rare occasion that we ran out of something to talk about, we played games. We played what- are-you- thinking games, and what –rhymes- with- Albuquerque games, and make- an- analogy- out of- whatever I tell you- games. They were always pretty fun. The game maker-upper was usually the winner, and the rules were ever changing, but regardless we loved our games.
            Other times we sang. Mostly, our very own made up harmonies to, “Earth Wind and Fire”, and “Cool and the Gang”. Whoever they were? And when Dad was tired of being an air drum professional, and when I decided I didn’t want to be Mariah Carey anymore, than we would count. We counted stars, and raindrops, and trees, and signs, and cars, and bumper stickers, and clouds, and animals. We counted everything. Everything that could ever possibly be counted.
              I loved my Dad. I love my Dad. I know my Dad. 
And he knows me.
            Two thousand one hundred and thirty two miles now separate my father and I. That once tacky mint green colored van is now a fancy- shmancy metallic blue Nissan. Cassette tapes are now trendy iphone covers, and those one dollar whopper meals ...are well, still one dollar whopper meals? Needless to say, while all the world around me has considerably changed, I have noticed that collectively over the years those retarded made up games, and late night conversations with my father, have stayed. Odd as they were, they somehow shaped me. They somehow taught me the value of life. They somehow showed me what real relationships are. And they somehow taught me what happiness means for families in eternity. And while I don’t know how many road trips I have left, if any, with my father in this life. And while I still haven’t found any word that rhymes with Albuquerque, I do know one thing, and that is for sure, I love those beautiful weeds. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Life is FUN

Today, my hubby, ever so kindly, reminded me that life is supposed to be fun! Guess I’ve had so much on my plate that I have been a bit of a “pill” lately.  (which p.s. it’s good thing he didn’t saythat)
......... #ormaybehedid
Anyway... this one is for you hubby... here’s to lightening up!

....This look is super easy! Anyone can pull it off. Just tear some jeans, throw on a white tee,
mash on some red lipstick, and grab a local thrift store flannel.
botta boom. batta bing. You’re set to go!

Now someone go and get me  that EASY button! 

My Child is my Reflection

It’s impossible for me to do basics without spicing it up with something!
 And so- today, finally, after 2 years of hoarding, I wore this beautifully hand carved African vintage necklace! Today just seemed fitting?
 Who knows?

Anyway...While on our way to church we passed the most beautiful lilac brick wall, and so, of course, without delay, we had to make the most of it! #hubbyhasbeenmadeintoaphotographer#wemakethemostofeverycoolwall

I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day!

aaaaaandddd  this is my mothers day thought...
(which is a combination of what speakers said ...and then re’said by me..)
.. A mother’s love for her Heavenly Father is reflected, and perfected, in her children....